Welcome to the Network party - Past Event

<p class="font_8"><span style="">Our biggest event yet! More than 75 attendees at this hidden gem of a venue, tucked away on the river's edge in West End.&nbsp; We launched our new Mentoring Program, called for a committee of volunteers to help with future networking events, and explored the different event spaces available at <span style=""><a dataquery="#textLink_jyz6neo6">Souths Leagues Club</a></span><a dataquery="#textLink_jyz6neo6"> (thanks so much for hosting us!)</a>&nbsp;Thanks also to our sponsors&nbsp;<span style=""><a dataquery="#textLink_jyz6neo61">Red Lanyard Event Management Workshops</a></span> and <span style=""><a dataquery="#textLink_jyz6neo62">Conference Online Registration Technology.</a></span></span></p>

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<p class="font_8"><span style=""><span><span style="font-weight:bold">Date:</span></span></span><span style=""><span> Tuesday, 3 September 2019</span></span></p>

<p class="font_8"><span style=""><span><span style="font-weight:bold">Venue:&nbsp;</span></span>Souths Leagues Club, 120 Jane Street, Davies Park, West End, QLD</span></p>

<p class="font_8"><span style=""><span><span style="font-weight:bold">Time:</span></span></span><span style=""><span> 5:30pm arrival, 6:00pm start - 7:30pm conclusion</span></span><span style="font-weight: bold;">​</span></p>

Welcome to the Network party - Past Event