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Meet Amanda Vodic, Principal Planner at We Heart Events

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

Amanda Vodic, Principal Planner, We Heart Events and Founder of Wedding Planning Masterclass joined us as a speaker at our October networking event in 2016.

How did you get into events?

I always had this inkling that event planning was kind of my thing. It took planning our wedding to finally realise this is what I should be doing. So I quit my job and got a job as an events planner! It’s where creativity meets logistical thinking, for whatever reasons it suits my personality to a tee.·

What do you consider to be the top three skills for your job?

People skills, people skills, people skills!

People skills is a really good catch all phrase as the definition is ‘the ability to listen, to communicate, to relate to others on a personal or professional level and can also extend to include problem-solving abilities, empathy for others and a willingness to work together to the common good.’

Managing events requires a lot of touch points with other people who play an important role with bringing the event together. You need to listen and communicate well to make sure everyone is on the same page. Events, even when they go off without a hitch, are stressful. You need the ability to relate and show empathy for others to ensure a smooth execution as everyone works hard to bring it all together.

Problem solving abilities is a given, yet when you’ve done the last two things well you will have created a positive, calm (as much as you can get!) environment that will allow you to clearly think on your feet and address with as little stress as possible. Working together for the common good means being willing to pull up your sleeves, and get stuck in to get the job done just as much as those you are leading.

What do you love most about your job?

Witnessing that moment when a couple looks at each, and there’s nothing but pure love and joy between them. All the months of planning and decision making melt away, and we get to witness the reason why we’re all here in the first place.

It doesn’t matter how hard a wedding has been – hiking up paddocks through cow dung, carrying heavy loads through areas inaccessible roads and the like – when this moment comes around, without doubt I’ll be bawling like a baby. It’s always worth it.

What is the best advice would you give to someone trying to get into the events industry?

You will hear over and over again that ‘the events industry isn’t glamorous’ – the wedding industry in particular. It’s said so many times it’s become a clique. There’s a reason – because it’s true!

What is your favourite way to celebrate success?

I absolutely LOVE to learn. Every quarter in my business when I meet my targets, I treat myself to some sort of training and development. To get a fresh hit of inspiration, keep on top of business trends… and get out of the office.

What is something a client/employer has said to you that really made you happy?

A former director of mine told me I was one of the best event planners they had ever worked with. Not only did this mean a lot - as I knew they’d worked with a lot of other event planners - it was especially meaningful as I was in my first year running my business, and having regular freak outs about whether I’d bitten off more than I could chew!

What is something you are most looking forward to doing in the future?

Expanding my business into more online products and services to help couples and business alike better navigate the wedding planning process.

Why do you love to do what you do?

Because there is nothing like the lightning bolt of love, optimism and hope that comes with the momentous decision to get married. A couples engagement puts a spotlight on their big love, and the importance of family and friends coming together to share in that joy. Yet the logistical realities of planning a wedding can take away from this precious time of joy and celebration.

I believe if couples are better informed on the pricing and value of services; better prepared for what is required to create the wedding day they envision; they’ll have the space to nurture their relationships with loved ones, sharing in a deeper level of love and connection. This gives couples a better chance to tap back in to the joy. The world will be the better for this. And more joy in the world is a good thing.

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