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Meet Amber Gibbons, floral stylist from Mrs Gibbons Flowers

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

It always fascinates me to hear of how other people get into the events industry. There are so many different paths that bring us together. Here we had the chance to hear from Amber Gibbons from Mrs Gibbons Flowers about her background and experience in the events industry.

How did you get into events?

I started work experience at a florist in Sydney when I was 14, they had the most amazing forward thinking store I had ever seen! It was incredible. Every detail had been thought out from the floors to the shelving, to the imported gourmet food items. I was in another world - filled with sweet floral aromas, vivid colours and some of the most interesting, quirky creatives I had ever met and only ever seen on movie screens. They specialised in floral styling for corporate events, weddings and extravagant parties. From the moment I was taken on my first installation I was hooked. I loved being a part of transforming a bare warehouse into a floral masterpiece. With careers later in life in business development, wedding coordination and floral styling spanning over 20 years, it was a logical decision to start my own home based business created by my love of nature and passion for making my clients dreams come to life through flowers. I have been involved in helping create thousands of weddings, parties, fashion shows and corporate events.

If you could work on a major event what would it be? (if your wildest dreams could come true) I would love to work on a Christian Dior fashion show, I love love love seeing what they create every season.

How do you keep up to date in the industry? I follow many, many creatives and fashion stylists from all over the world so I am always seeing what is new and what colours and textures are coming into play.

What do you consider to be the top three skills for your job? Creativity (helps take the customers idea or dream to a new level – bringing their dreams to life), communication (listening and understanding what they want and need and staying in contact with your clients and coming alongside them) and willingness to serve (keeps me on track to execute the event with excellence). What is the best advice you would give to someone trying to get into the events industry? I believe gaining experience on the job is invaluable, it will help ground you and you will see things in ways that you would never have thought of. Build up a tribe of like minded creatives and business people and stay in constant communication with them. We all need each other and being able to talk to someone else helps. What do you love most about your job? Meeting new people and seeing the look on my clients face when they see the dream come to life!

We totally agree about the Christian Dior fashion shows! Their floral styling is to die for - check out some images on Pinterest if you haven't already.

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