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What is a Slow Motion Video Booth & how does it work?

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

The "Slow Motion Video Booth" is a great way to add something different to your next event. It captures memorable moments of friends, family, and colleagues interacting. Having forever-footage of your invitees dancing around and acting silly in slow motion is way more fun than you would ever imagine.

From the minute it is set up to the moment its taken down, the slow motion video booths are packed with guests showing off their best dance moves, popping confetti on one another, and making crazy faces while shooting silly string. Even seeing them laugh together whilst watching the hilarious playbacks makes the Slow Motion Video Booth an awesome asset to any gathering!

The best way to explain it is to show you - so check out this brilliant Slow Motion Video from our Event Managers Network October 2017 event earlier this month - This should surely make your day!

What equipment is used?

  • An advanced high-speed camera is used, that shoots up to 1000 frames per second - which is 40 times slower than traditional cameras.

  • LED light panels are also used to light the booth - because true slow motion video requires professional lighting.

  • A flat screen playback monitor is included so as videos are created they are added to the playlist, allowing the entire event to enjoy the slow motion playbacks.

  • Plus all the props you can think of are provided for guests.

Who offers this?

Banana Life offers a selection of interactive videography packs for any wedding, party, or corporate event. It’s super simple; you book them in, they show up, set up, shoot in slow motion for a few hours, then send you the edited video.

What’s included?

Two–three hours recording time, one hour setup / pack down, prop package, flat screen playback monitor and one week video turnaround. Packages start from $1300 incl GST.

Contact Jonny or Andy via their website ( or call 1300 992 949.

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